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October 17, 2011


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Benoit Mandelbrot FractalArt Contest 2011 Winners!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 17, 2011, 1:25 PM

Well :dance:

Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2011 is over.. and I am sooo excited to be one of Winners!

with Sandstorm -Sandstorm- by silwenka

:squee:  YAY!! :squee:

Please enjoy eyes with other MARVELOUS works:
Worn Out by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel The Fractal Wasp Troll by MANDELWERK aztec flying city by loboto CupreousComplex by MarkJayBee
Underwater amazing object by bib993 Tisular by carbajo where dragons sleep by Fiery-Fire Complex Illumination by Jimpan1973
Lumia by zy0rg iEar by LMarkoya Vincent by FarDareisMai Renaissance by Stuart203
Revelen by infinite-art 120509 by Pasternak Flexible by SuicideBySafetyPin Gordian Twist by HalTenny
secret sign by jost1 GardenLights by coby01 Imaginary Mine by guagapunyaimel

Also these work were chosen (not available at DA):……………

BMFAC 2011 Winners

Just mindblowing selection! Congrats to ALL, beautiful and inspiring art!


You mustn’t be affraid to dream little bigger, darling
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:iconyaayplz: Seems like DA produces fine fractalists :lol: Congrats to all winners!!! Thanks for the feature :aww:
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